Équipe : Quickly Crunch | Food At Work


A new way of thinking about breakfast: tasty, quick and healthy

In order to respond to a need of today's society, we created a product that responds to the problem of breakfast. Because it is a fact, today we live at a frantic pace, we eat on the go and we often lack essential nutrients to our needs. So we collaborated together to design a dough that meets our real needs to start the day well. All the while ensuring that it would be convenient and quick to consume, so that even the most hurried could feed themselves with dignity each morning. During the manufacturing process, we wanted this product to have a long shelf life. We therefore chose to eliminate any product that could be a potential source of micro-organisms. To achieve a pleasant texture, we decided to add texturizing agents such as soy lecithin and xanthan. After numerous laboratory tests, we were able to establish the right proportions for a pleasant texture and an unaltered taste.



Our team is proud to present its new revolutionary product "Quickly Crunch" which meets all the announced quality requirements.