Team : ChiPEUlata | Food At Work

A hybrid sausage consisting of 50% pork meat and 50% legumes

The ChiPEULata is a hybrid sausage produced by the company Meat You Half Way based on minced pork and legumes, whereby 50% of the meat of a regular fresh sausage is replaced by white beans and red lentils. One of the main goals of Meat You Half Way's ChiPEULata is to provide a tasty and attractive product that does not require a change in behaviour of its consumers. The product has for example no other preparation method than regular meat sausages. This hybrid sausage can be used in the same dishes as a classic meat sausage. In addition, the taste and texture of the hybrid sausage also approach those of a 100% meat sausage. Finally, by replacing half of the meat of a regular meat sausage with legumes, the CO2 impact of the ChiPEULata is significantly reduced compared to a regular 100% meat sausage.