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A delicious and healthy mocktail based on Yacon




The "Wacko Yaco" is a mocktail that offers the solution for anyone who prefers to go for a non-alcoholic drink on a cozy evening with friends or family but still wants to fully enjoy it. With its fresh and sour blackberry-apple taste, the “Wacko Yaco” is not just a drink but a complete experience. Moreover, we use yacon as a base for the mocktail. Yacon is grown locally and contains a sweet taste by itself, so no extra sugars need to be added. In addition to this sweet taste, the use of yacon has numerous other prebiotic benefits. Each bottle is sold with a booklet around its neck. This contains the storytelling surrounding the mocktail. Some serving tips are also included in this booklet to enjoy the “Wacko Yaco” to the fullest.

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