Équipe : WheyMore | Food At Work

A sustainable, vegetarian variant of sandwich spread, dip or pasta sauce


Are you a vegetarian or do you opt for a veggie day for other reasons? Then WheyMore offers the ideal solution. WheyMore is multifunctional and can be used on sandwiches, as a pasta sauce or as a dip. It is mainly prepared from local products. To give the products an even more sustainable character, we respond to the availability of fruit and vegetables. As a result, 2 variants have been developed: summer/spring and autumn/winter. Wheyste wants to combat food waste in 2 ways, on the one hand by using second-choice fruit/vegetables and on the other hand by using waste streams. During the WheyMore production process, waste flows are created and these are largely processed in a third product, namely Greenverse. Greenverse mainly consists the residual flows of whey, carrot foliage and pumpkin seeds. In addition, all three variants are a source of proteins, obtained from the whey waste stream.