Équipe : Gin' Eco | Food At Work

A local Belgian Gin made ecologically with potato peelings from the food industry waste 

“Gin’Eco” is a local Belgian alcoholic beverage. The goal was to find a sustainable alternative to the production of Gin, a beverage that has a high place in the Belgian culture.

In order to reach our goal, we looked for a way to replace the main ingredient rich in starch with waste from the food industry that existed in large quantities locally, the answer was potatoes’ peelings. The production of our Gin was completed following the traditional Belgian recipe. Our first step was brewing lager beer using barley malt, wheat malt, and potato peels as raw materials. After several weeks, the beer is distilled to recover as much alcohol as possible. Once done, the distillate is naturally flavored. We use a technique called flavor extraction, all from different spices (genever berry, cardamom, coriander), giving it its unique taste.