Team : Lenzo pumpkin | Food At Work

A healthy tapenade with hero ingredients red lentils and pumpkin, which has a multipurpose usage: as a dip, on a toast, in a pasta or salad.

“Lenzo Pumpkin: Elevate Every Bite, From Toast to Pasta Delight!”. This is the goal of the newly founded enterprise “Linz.” consisting of four young students from the university of Ghent. “Lenzo Pumpkin” is a tapenade with hero ingredients red lentils and pumpkin offering a healthy alternative to conventional animal products. Lentils are underappreciated among the Flemish population, though they are an excellent source of plant-based protein, fibres and vitamins. Next to red lentils and pumpkin, rapeseed oil and spices are used to create a unique flavor. In addition to its nutrient-rich content and clean label, this product boasts versatility in its applications, whether as a topping on toast, an ingredient in pasta dishes, or a flavorful addition to salads. In the future, more varieties of the product can be developed with different local and seasonal vegetables such as spinach, tomato and red beets. 

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