Team : Rein | Food At Work

A kidney friendly spread made from pumpkin, carrot, and soft cheeses.

REIN pumpkin & carrot is a delightful vegetable spread specially developed for people with kidney issues. The spread is characterized by its low salt and potassium content. It is the first ready to eat savoury product available on the market for the people undergoing kidney dialysis. REIN not only tastes good but is also highly versatile. REIN pumpkin & carrot can be used as a spread, dip, and sauce. The spread can be consumed both cold and warm and additionally offers the unique taste of pumpkin, rarely found in ready made spreads. To contribute to a more sustainable approach the vegetables are harvested in Belgium ensuring freshness and reducing our ecological footprint. By introducing this innovative product, REIN aims to improve the lives of kidney patients by making mealtimes more enjoyable, varied, and nutritious.

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