Team : Cake Gloesener | Food At Work

A healthy and vegan alternative of storebought cakes

The Cake Gloesener is a small cake who came to life in the laboratories of the “Haute Ecole de la Province de Liege”. And even if it seems like an ordinary cake, it stands out thanks to its formulation 100% vegan and preservatives-free. Made from potatoes, bananas, chickpeas juice (preservation juice for chickpeas) and cocoa, this cake is a healthy snack and dessert.

Besides taking care of our health, this cake also takes care of the health of its small productors by guaranteeing bio, local and Fairtrade raw materials. In fact, the potatoes, carrots, and bananas come from a small local farm whereas the cocoa is certified bio and Fairtrade. The other ingredients are supplied by Belgian suppliers. And about the chickpeas juice, an element often used to replace egg whites beaten until stiff, it is another strong point of this cake at it is recovered from restaurants.

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