Team : MiniDej | Food At Work

Healthy and salty appetite suppressant snacks

MiniDej is the product of the imagination of 3 students from UCLouvain: Arthur, bioengineer, Julien, management sciences student and Félix, management engineer. All three of us are passionate about food and cooking, and we noticed that there were few solutions for a quick, healthy and salty breakfast. That's how MiniDej was born.

We offer our consumers a breakfast snack to eat whenever they want in the morning. Our biscuit will give them all the nutritional values they need to start their day well. In addition to this, our products are designed to be tasty and affordable for everyone. They are available in 5 different flavours such as "Goat Cheese and Garlic" or "Mediterranean". Don't wait any longer to try them.

MiniDej, A Break Faster, Better, Stronger.

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