Team : Ice Cracker | Food At Work

A vegan product combining a savoury ice cream with crispy crackers

The ice cream is made with unsold mushrooms and the crackers are composed of precious seeds and oils. Together, they can be served as an appetizer, or seperately, the ice cream might be associated with a dish and the crackers might be consumed with dips. Analogically to the product’s name, you can perfectly use it as an ice breaker at a meal with family or friends. Innovative because it’s an unusual couple with a surprising taste which constitutes a sophisticated appetizer to impress your guests. Ecological since it’s based on waste and local products that can be conserved (e.g. seeds and oils) or cultivated (e.g. mushrooms) during the whole year. In addition, the packaging including two compartments is recycled and recyclable.

You want to try this gustatory pleasure ? So, crack ‘n’ ice !

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