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Dips and crackers made from chokeberry and intended for cardiovascular health

Tired of the usual fatty and salty aperitifs that make you feel guilty at the end of the evening? How about combining pleasure and good health with an aperitif other than vegetable dips? Let yourself be surprised by Aperonia: a purple dip allying the fruity flavor of aronia with the sweetness of beet, enhanced by a touch of acidity and by the crunchiness of crackers with a touch of salt and herbs of Provence. A real journey of new flavors that will awaken your taste buds while reducing your cholesterol and contributing to your good cardiovascular health. Yes, that’s true, this super-fruit that is the aronia berry is particularly rich in a special antioxidant that differentiates it from the simple blueberry or cranberry. To top it all off, Aperonia is 100% natural, vegan, without preservatives or artificial colors and made with ingredients from local organic producers.

Aperonia, a healthy pleasure with friends.

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