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A vegan and allergen-free Choux pastry mix


Finally it has arrived! Patser Bakeries has developed g a dry powder mix for the preparation of vegan and allergen-free eclairs under the product name Veclair. Patser Bakeries strives for an optimal taste experience for the consumer in an environmentally and animal friendly way. In addition to its fully recyclable packaging, the Veclair vegetable mix is carefully composed of local ingredients that contribute to the product's sustainable character. To the innovative dry mix, only water, oil and rice milk need to be added to prepare the Veclairs. Thanks to the simple recipe, consumers have the choice to prepare the Veclairs themselves from the mix or to buy the Veclairs from Patser Bakeries at a local bakery. In response to the increasing demand for vegan pastries, thanks to the Veclair mix everyone can now enjoy a golden brown pudding-filled eclair finished with a layer of chocolate.